WBC tries to maintain a balance of worship styles and content in Sunday services, from upbeat praise and worship to traditional hymns. We welcome all ages so come along and try us out!

As our services vary from month to month, please contact the office to ask about upcoming services.

The 10.30 Service

The 10.30am Service is our normal time of worship and praise and is when the majority of our church members and friends attend. The worship is upbeat and contemporary with a mixture of instruments, including keyboard, drums, guitars, wind instruments and singers. This service often includes the use of videos, children's talks, puppet shows and drama. Members of the prayer team are available after each service.

The 10.30am service takes on slightly different formats each week, in a typical month:

  • 1st Sunday - Morning worship with communion
  • 2nd Sunday - Café service (a more informal setting where the congregation are seated around tables with refreshments)
  • 3rd Sunday - Morning worship
  • 4th Sunday - Morning worship

Family services (where the children remain in the church centre for the whole service) are held frequently.

We have recently been trialling a "Church With Choices" service where we split into groups for an hour, each with a different theme, and then we rejoin in the main centre for half an hour of worship together.

The Early Service

The Early Service is a short service, held twice a month from 9am to 9.45am, normally on the second and last Sundays of a typical month (it does not usually run in August). The content features hymns, readings and prayers with a short sermon and reflects a traditional style of worship. Communion is shared once a month, typically on the first service in the month.

Worship at the 10.30 service

Worship at the 10.30 service

Arts and crafts at Allsorts

Arts and crafts at Allsorts

Allsorts Children's Ministry

As our families are very important to us, a crèche, children's and youth groups operate most Sundays! From babies to teens up to the age of 18, there's a group for everyone. All of our volunteers are CRB (DBS) checked.

Our regular Sunday groups are:

  • Jelly Tots
  • Jazzies
  • Smarties
  • Shout