Pastor Sam

Rev Sam Q. Griffiths, Pastor

Sam has been the Pastor at WBC since 2001 and lives in Wellington with his wife, Claire, and 3 children. Before moving to Wellington, he was the Pastor of Oundle Baptist Church in Northamptonshire for 9 years. Sam was also a Member of the Baptist Union Council, a representative of the South West Baptist Association on the Chaplaincy Advisory Panel of Taunton School, and has also been a Governor for a local Primary School.

Sam trained at Spurgeon's College in South London from 1988-1992, qualifying with a Degree in Theology and a Diploma in Pastoral Studies. During his course, he specialised in Evangelism, Leadership, Church Planting, Pastoral Care, and Administration. In recent years, Sam has been impacted by Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.

As well as leading various UK Baptist Churches, he has also ministered in Eastern Europe, and North America.

Sam also writes a blog which can be found here.

If you would like to contact Sam, please contact the office.

The worship team on stage at Wellington Baptist Church

Worship Team

The Worship Team is led by David White, an experienced local music teacher, songwriter and performer.

The worship style varies for our 10.30am and Early (9am) services; the 10.30 service tends to be more upbeat and contemporary with a mix of instruments, whereas the Early service is a more traditional style, frequently using the organ.

If you'd like to find out more about our Worship Team (or how you can get involved!) then please get in touch through the church office.

Karen Mullen

Karen Mullen, Church Administrator

My name is Karen and I have been the Church Administrator since 2007. I am in the office Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday morning dealing with a variety of tasks involving the church site and management of our worship centre, halls and offices.

I am married to James, one of our Elders, and we have 4 children. I am involved in our Women’s Study Group and am part of the Pastoral Care Team.

My hobbies include spending time with the family, gardening and knitting, and telling really bad jokes!
Janet Morris

Janet Morris, Deacon

I am a Freelance Hairdresser, I am involved in a few ministries - House Group, Women's group, Welcome team, Sunday School and Hospitality when I can.

In my spare time I like to pick up a book, stroll along a beach or in the countryside - I do not have one particular hobby, but have thoughts of many.

I asked my children what's funny about me and the reply was "Lots".

James Mullen

James Mullen, Elder

James has been Head Gardener for Wellington School for the past 14 years. James is one of the Elders in the church. He has oversight for evangelism, housegroups and shares in the spiritual oversight of the church alongside the other Elders and Pastor. James also serves as part of the PA team.

James has a passion for plants, gardens etc and also enjoys dabbling in abstract oil painting.

Neil Warren

Neil Warren, Treasurer / Deacon

I am retired :-)

I am involved with Messy Church and Shout group, and have run Alpha and CAP courses.

Hobbies include time with family and friends, day trips to the country, walking and cycling.

Not sure I have anything funny about me!

Colin Strange

Colin Strange, Fabric Officer / Deacon

Hi, I'm Colin. I am married to Susan and have five children and eleven grandchildren. I have had two careers in my working life, I was a research technician in the physics department of Southampton University and my second career was as a science/technology teacher.

I have taken on the role of maintenance deacon as I felt I was being called to this role and my background lends itself to the practical aspects of church life with regards to buildings. I also have a collection of rather dodgy looking ties.

Ben Sellick

Ben Sellick, Deacon

Hello, my name's Ben Sellick, I grew up here in Wellington, and attended Sunday school and church as a child. My working life as been spent in the care sector with various roles from care assistant to manager and now training manager.

In my early 20s I lived in Manchester and worked with a Christian charity, and supported youth clubs and children groups.

I am currently a deacon here at WBC and head of our children's ministry. I would say my hobbies are preaching, boxing and scootering with my 4yr old daughter.

I aim to share God's grace in all that I do.

Andrew Fletcher

Andrew Fletcher, Deacon

My paid work is as a software engineer which I have done for many years including 21 years in Silicon Valley, California where I met my wife, Cindy. In the church I serve as a deacon, help lead a bible study group, operate the projector and with my wife host the youth group once each month. My hobbies are doing anything technical and puzzles, such as sudoku. My favourite thing though is spending time with my family especially when my teenagers want to spend time with me. One thing which most people won’t believe I used to do or even get the concept of, was that I used to be the lead dancer in a punk rock band. Such was the vigour with which I took on this task, that the stage once collapsed!

Wellington Baptist Church service with church members

Other Ways to Serve

There are many other ways to serve in the church and each role is valued in helping the church to run smoothly! Like all churches we have numerous ministries that operate week in and out in the life of the fellowship. Some have been going for a long time, others are more recent. The list that follows are some of the teams that operate in WBC and will give you a taste of the life of the church:

Finance; Child Protection; Administration; Maintenance; Health & Safety; Communications; Gardening & Lawn Care; Pastoral Care; Catering, Flowers; Evangelism; Alpha; Overseas Mission; Children's Holiday Club; Meeting Point; Worship; Projection; PA; Communion; Puppets; Banners; Welcome; Prayer Ministry; Drama; Intercession; Dance; House Groups; Preaching; ; Group Ministry; Nurture; Church Weekend Away; Children's.

Ministry in WBC is never limited to this list! If someone comes along with fresh and new gifting then more often than not a new ministry is begun.