Wellington Baptist Church (WBC) is a Christian Church in Somerset, just south of Taunton and not far from the Somerset / Devon border, in membership with the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the South West Baptist Association (SWBA) and the Evangelical Alliance.

WBC is one of the oldest baptist churches in the South West of England. The history of the church dates back to the late sixteen hundreds, though the exact date when the church was formed is debated. If you're interested to find out more about our history, a detailed account from 1833 - 1983 is available in a booklet called "Wellington Baptists and their neighbours in the seventeenth century" by Harry G. Taylor which can be downloaded here.

Whilst we are typical in the way that we are a part of the world wide family of God, in terms of faith and confession of Christ, as a Baptist Church we are different to, for example, a Methodist or Anglican Church. We are an independent, self financing church. The Baptist Union is not technically a denomination and we are congregational in terms of our church government - this means that everyone in the church is important for its growth, rather than the Pastor doing everything!

WBC is a church of many different kinds of people, ages and experiences. The church ministers to all ages and continues to actively re-shape itself to reach the needs of younger people and families in its style and outreach.

Our Pastor Sam has over 20 years of experience in Christian Ministry, and has been influenced to some extent by Purpose Driven Church principles, amongst many others. We aim to be a healthy church based upon the five key biblical principles of church growth:

  • Warmer through Fellowship (supporting and encouraging other Christians, for example through pastoral care, social events and membership)

  • Deeper through Discipleship (growth as Christians, for example through Sunday teaching and mid week housegroups)

  • Larger through Evangelism (sharing our Christian faith, for example through Alpha and outreach events)

  • Stronger through Worship (meeting together to focus on God)

  • Broader through Ministry (using our talents to serve others)

WBC "clusters" with other Baptist churches of the Taunton area, associates with the other churches of the SWBA and also with other like minded churches in the town of Wellington.

Want to know more? There's no substitute for visiting us, so come along to one of our Sunday services or another event - contact Karen at the office for a friendly chat and more information.